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StudPoP “On the LEVEL”


Powered by 2 StudPoPs !!

StudPoP “On the LEVEL” $19.95

  • Powered by 2 StudPoPs
  • Finds studs in seconds!
  • Quickly locates stud edges and center
  • 9″ level for true accuracy
  • Grip pin keeps it on the wall
  • Sheetrock, plaster, tile, wood lath
  • Wood or metal studs
  • Unbreakable ABS plastic
  • No batteries
  • No calibration
  • Made in USA

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StudPoP® magnetic stud finder

“The only stud finder that you’ll ever need”

The StudPoP® is NOT like the other magnetic stud finders on the market!
It is the world’s first moving magnet stud finder that is guaranteed to find studs in any kind of house…
in any kind of wall or ceiling. It is 100% made in the USA.
Unlike all the other magnetic stud finders, the StudPoP® doesn’t depend on you to “feel” the magnet tugging on a nail or screw.
The StudPoP’s “popper” takes care of that for you.
When it detects a metal fastener in the wall the StudPoP® indicates this when its popper points straight out.
It’s so simple. It’s so foolproof. It’s so much fun!
The StudPoP® is sensitive enough to find fasteners that can be up to 1/2 deep!
This means that you can use it to easily find studs in virtually any type of home.
Works on plaster, sheetrock, tile and wood lath.
It even works on textured walls including stucco!
No batteries. No guess work. No mistakes.
Made in the USA.


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Lou Manfredini having fun with
the StudPoP on WGN in Chicago


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StudPoP is on QVC!!


Recently I was interviewed by the folks at
“The Financial Exchange” in Boston.



Don’t let the StudPoP’s $10 price tag fool you.  Many
folks had their doubts about something so low-priced being able to compete with the
higher priced models.

But now they are believers.

 If you think that the StudPoP® is just
another magnetic stud finder…

Think again.

The StudPoP makes the ideal gift for him or her.

And it’s only 10 bucks!

Pick some up for stocking stuffers.

They were a huge hit last Christmas.

“WOW!!  I really needed a stud finder and was set to purchase one at $80, but I bought this little gadget just to see. Man was I surprised. Within 30 seconds of taking it out of the package I had found my first stud and the gadget was stuck to the wall. I laughed at how something so small and cute, could do exactly what I needed it to do. I’m going to buy a bunch for stocking stuffers for Christmas.”

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Why is the StudPoP is the most popular moving magnet stud finder in the world?

 Quick Facts

The StudPoP® is…

The most popular moving magnet stud finder in the

Going to work as good as or better than the
electronic stud finders, including the very popular $50
Franklin Pro Sensor
, probably the best electronic stud finder on the market…but
also the most expensive.

Going to find studs by finding the metal fasteners in
the studs.

Going to locate your first stud in less than 60

Going to work on virtually any kind of wall

Guaranteed to be easy and fun to use.

Invented by a contractor.

Only $9.95

Made in the USA

A rare earth “super” neodymium magnet.  1″ x 1/8″
diameter.  Larger than any of the competition.

Virtually unbreakable.

A great refrigerator magnet when it’s not finding

The best thing since sliced bread ; )

The StudPop® is NOT…

Attracted to wood.

Difficult or slow or frustrating.  Just follow the
simple directions.

“Just a magnet” housed in plastic.

The same as a magnet that you pick up for $2 at Home

“Too weak” to work on plaster or lath.

Going to find the “edges” of the stud.  That’s not
important since you’ve already found the “center”.

A “gimmick” or a “toy”.

“Fooled” by wires or pipes in the wall.

Always going to make a loud “pop” sound.  It depends
on the construction of your wall.

 These ladies know a good stud when they see one!

Made in the USA.

No batteries.  No calibration.  No mistakes.

Works on sheetrock, plaster, tile, metal studs.

Makes stud finding fun!