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Since its introduction on Amazon last Christmas, you have made the StudPoP the #2 best selling stud finder in their top 100 list.  Thank you!

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I absolutely love this thing. When I bought it my husband laughed at me because he thought there was no way it was better than his $50 stud finder. Ha! Now he’s always using my Studpop. If you follow directions, you find a stud accurately every time. With his more expensive stud finder it was hit and miss!


“Ditch the electronic stud finder. You won’t need that anymore.”


“It really does work. Works on sheetrock. Works on ceramic tile. Hands down the best stud finder I have ever used. Pops when you find a fastener…if you are sitting on the fence, for 10 bucks it’s worth it.”


“This thing works like magic. Ordering them for all of my close friends as small Christmas gifts. Amazing. This is truly a must-have. Has out-performed and replaced my electronic scanners.”


November 2014:

DIY Network’s “I Want That” highlights the StudPoP

_______________________________________________________________ October 2014:

DIY Network’s “Cool Tools” highlights the StudPoP



November December 2014:

This Old House Magazine…

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November 2014:

Even farmers are udderly amazed with the StudPoP!


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Here’s what actual users are saying about the studpop…

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Amazon.com customer feedback…

10-23-14: Best gadget I have in my toolbox. What a sure fire simple way to locate studs. I’ve waited 50 years for a stud finder this simple to use, threw out the battery operated device that always gave false readings. So simple to use, you won’t believe it. I’d give 6 stars if I could.

10-1-14: Bless the person who designed this. So easy to use!

9-30-14: Absolutely perfect for bathroom remodeling job. Worked perfectly. 

9-20-14: Ingenious; I have been a DIYer for many years and this Studpop is something else and works like a champ. Good for you inventor; once again, American creativity at it’s best!!

7-17-14: These are the most awesome things. Just fun to play with. I am definitely getting more for Christmas gifts. Never needs batteries and you can trust the mark! Everyone that has seen it thinks it is just the best invention ever! It was spot on for finding the studs. 

Amazon.com reviews…

“This thing is incredible. Something so simple, but works like a charm. So easy now to find the studs. I didn’t know what to expect, but was thrilled with how this works. One of the best purchases I’ve made. It’s so easy to use. Just move it around until it pops out straight and then you know you have a stud.”

“The best stud finder I have ever used. It is easily stored on the side of my tool chest so I know where it is. There’s nothing to break, no batteries to die, and when you find a nail you can hang the stud finder on the nail and walk away to get your tools. EVERYONE will be getting these as stocking stuffers next Christmas.”

“I searched long and hard to find the perfect stud finder, and decided to give the Studpop a try. I figured for $10 it was worth a shot. This simple thing worked like a charm when I was mounting my tv on the wall. I couldn’t believe how easy and accurate this thing was. I’m done with fancy powered stud finders. Best $10 I’ve ever spent. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone.”

“Probably the most amazing gadget I’ve ever bought. My electronic stuff is inconsistent, but not this little midget.”

“Best invention since sliced bread!  I’m FINALLY able to hang shelves, etc. on the lath & plaster walls of my 120-year-old house. Other stud finders have been useless. This little Studpop found the studs right away, and now I have a whole new area to hang pots & pans, etc. If it can find studs in our house, it can find them anywhere. Our studs just aren’t consistently 16 inches apart. The Studpop can show us exactly where they all are. Amazing. Plus, it’s really fun! Just slide it slowly along the wall, going about 24 inches, and then move it down a couple inches and slide it back the other way horizontally. Keep doing this until the little popper comes to attention. We leave it sticking to the wall where it’s found a stud fastener, to mark the place while we go get other tools. It’s fun to stick the odd, cute little Studpop on different walls around the house and just leave it there. Great conversation starter when folks come over. :-)”

“FANTASTIC, throw the old electronic ones away now, you won’t need them any longer. “

“Engineer here, kind of picky with my tools.  I like them to work and work well.  I have used the electronic junk for stud finding for years. They don’t work with a damn but you can get by with them.  This thing ? It is fantastic. I have used it many times since arrival and it is hanging on my wall on a screw where my next project is tomorrow. I love it. I have thrown my electronic ones away.  I don’t want to see them ever again.  This is perfect.  BUY.  You will not be disappointed.”

 “I won’t have a lengthy review.  It just works. I’ve wasted $25 previously for a Zircon stud finder that couldn’t find a stud or had so many false positives, I couldn’t trust it.  $10 is all you need for this.  Seriously.”

“This really does work.  I found studs easily with the Studpop and that’s all there is to say about it.  Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.”

“I’m not much of a tool person, but I liked this product so much I figured I’d share! I’m building out my tool bag and needed a stud finder. To get a good battery-powered one was more expensive and feature-filled than a novice like me needs, and then I found this… just a little plastic-covered magnet that “pops” when it finds a stud.  The magnet even makes it stick to the wall so you can go get the pencil that always seems to be across the room.  I am ridiculously happy with this thing.”



The studpop makes the best inexpensive gift for the man or woman who has everything!  Isn’t that special person worth 10 bucks?  Even if they don’t need a stud finder, they’ll be the envy of their friends and when they’re not looking for studs, they can use it as a super strong refrigerator magnet ; )

Now that’s a win-win!

If you think that all stud finders are the same, then you should give the studpop a try.  It is guaranteed to work.  Period.

It doesn’t matter what kind of wall construction you have.  The studpop‘s unique moving magnet is so strong that it can find the screws or nails that are in your studs even if they are 1/2″ away.  You can’t do that with just any magnet.

So stop buying stud finders that don’t work.

Get yourself a studpop.

It’s worth its weight in gold*

*But we’ll let you have it for only 10 bucks.

 Studpop audition video for Shark Tank


“This is the first stud finder I’ve ever used that has real style…”

The reviews are in.

The studpop “is the best thing since sliced bread!”

alright I made that one up : )

Made in the USA.

No batteries.  No calibration.  No mistakes.

Works on sheetrock, plaster, tile, metal studs.

Makes stud finding fun!

$9.95 at Amazon.


“When the studpop hits a screw or nail, the knob stands straight outward.  Because the color of the knob highly contrasts against the cylinder color (green, blue, red–all against black), you immediately see the change.  This is the first stud finder I’ve ever used that has real style.” Lee Wallender, About.com

“The studpop, is a great idea, one of those things that you say geez why didn’t I think of that. It fits in your carpenter’s tool belt pouch a lot easier then all the others. They come in various colors and are made in the USA”Tool Review Guy

“Studpop is a new USA-made magnetic stud finder that works surprisingly well. It is small enough to fit in a pocket, and durable enough to survive rough and tough handling.  The studpop can sense ferromagnetic nails and screws through up to 1/2″ plaster, sheetrock, tile, and lathe. We tested the studpop and found its 1/2″ depth-sensing claim to be accurate.”ToolGuyd

The Tool Review Guy likes the studpop!
The Tool Review Guy likes the studpop!


About.com likes the studpop!
The TOOLGUYD likes the studpop!
The TOOLGUYD likes the studpop!

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