January 7, 2017
From the inventor…

In the beginning (of the StudPoP), my primary way to sell ‘PoPs was through Amazon.com.

And I saw that it was good.

Heck.  It was better than good. I’ve sold over 25,000 in 3 years and have received 500+ unsolicited reviews, with an average 4.8 out of 5 star rating.

Not too shabby.

But in October 2016, the honeymoon was over

You see, this is when they decided that the StudPoP was now a “hazardous material”…a.k.a. HAZMAT.

Say what?

Yes.  They decided that since the StudPoP has a magnet in it, then it needs to be in one of Amazon’s “special” warehouses where they keep things like cigarette lighters, fireworks and battery acid.

Say what?

Ok.  Fine. I had no choice but to play by THEIR rules since they held all the cards.

Get it?

(They’re a monopoly)

Oh that’s right.  Monopoly doesn’t have cards.  They have money.

Unlike me.

So after 4 weeks of zero sales because they kept the above “Currently Unavailable” welcome sign on my landing page, they finally got my PoP’s into the right safe house and all was right with the world

For a while.

But contrary to all their promises that this would never happen again, it has happened.  Again.  And again.

And again.

From mid November through Christmas, right up until today, they have continued to misplace my product so that it finds itself among the “normal” products—those that haven’t been stigmatized with the “HAZMAT” label.

And whenever the StudPoPs find themselves in the wrong neighborhood, through no fault of their own, AMAZON punishes them (and me) by not allowing any sales until some $9/hr employee finds where they’ve been hiding and gives them to another $9/hr employee to drive to the nearest warehouse that has room for these misfit products.

So while Amazon “works” to “fix” their problem, they just put the welcome sign up to let people know IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that they have none left and don’t have a clue if they will ever have them again.

Thanks Amazon!

They might as well have put this up:

So, I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands.

I set up shop on this site.

The PROS are that I have full control and will NEVER run out of stock.  I can also offer color choices.  Amazon can’t do that.  Nah nah nah!

The CONS are that people inherently don’t trust websites that they’ve never done business with before.  Well I guess I’ll have to earn that trust with great customer service, no quibble money back guarantee, and whatever else I feel like doing for MY customers.

Because I can.

Take that Amazon.

Buy from inventor