“I have tried all kinds of stud finders over the years…”

…and have hated most of them. I have a drawer filled with a colorful assortment of electronic ones that looked so convincing in the store. But eventually concluded that it doesn’t matter how many fancy LEDs or displays they had, the only thing consistent about them…was their inconsistency.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was a $50 Black and Decker all-in-one stud finder, laser level and foot massage.  

That last feature is no less of a joke than the stud finder was.

February 20, 2008

That’s the exact day that I decided that it was time to invent the kind of stud finder that people would not only want to use but they’d actually have fun using.

The StudPoP® magnetic stud finder will forever change the way people feel about stud finders.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1. It is 100% made in the USA!  It’s time to put Americans back to work.

2. There are no batteries and no calibration procedures to worry about.

3. Ease of use: Some of the electronic ones have to include a DVD just to explain how to use them. With the StudPoP® just rub it on the wall and as soon as you ride it over a screw, the StudPoP’s patented “popper” will instantly lift up and become perpendicular to the wall.  And if you let go of the StudPoP®, it’ll just stay attached* to the wall showing you EXACTLY where the stud is. *on sheetrock only

4. Unlike every other stud finder on the market, the StudPoP® will work flawlessly on virtually any type of construction: plaster, wood lath, tile, marble, sheetrock and of course… metal studs.  No other stud finder, electronic or magnetic can make that claim.

5. It will find fasteners in ceilings. This is super useful if you need to find out where the strapping is before you start cutting holes for that light or fan.

6. There are no parts to lose.  The StudPoP® has everything locked up inside. The housing is virtually indestructible.

7. The size and shape.  It’s small enough to stick in your pocket but big enough so that you won’t lose it.

8. Its 1″ magnet is larger than all of the competition. This makes it very easy to find fasteners since it is scanning such a large area. Anyone should be able to find a screw in a sheet rocked wall within 10 seconds. From that point, you just move it straight up to find more and then straight down. Then move it 16″ to the left or right to find fasteners in the adjacent studs and you’ve got a solid picture of exactly what is going on behind that wall.

The StudPoP® gives you a positive visual indication when a stud is found….no more guess work.  It just doesn’t get any easier than this. There’s never been a stud finder that is so good at…well… finding studs!

The StudPoP®

The last stud finder you’ll ever need.