The StudPoP® is NOT like the other magnetic stud finders on the market which are nothing more than a magnet inside a piece of plastic…

The StudPoP® is very different.

That’s why we patented it.

It is the world’s first moving magnet stud finder that is guaranteed to find studs in any kind of house…in any kind of wall or ceiling and it is 100% made in the USA.

Unlike all other magnetic stud finders, the StudPoP® doesn’t depend on you to “feel” the magnet tugging on a nail or screw.  The StudPoP’s “popper” takes care of that for you.

When the StudPoP® detects a metal fastener in the wall…

…its popper points straight out.

It’s so simple.  It’s so foolproof.

It’s so much fun!

The StudPoP® is sensitive enough to find fasteners that can be up to 1/2 deep!

This means that you can use it to easily find studs in virtually any type of home.  Works on plaster, sheetrock, tile and wood lath.

It even works on textured walls including stucco!

No batteries. No guess work. No mistakes.

It’s been quite a journey…

from that day in February 2008 when I decided to “roll my own” stud finder.  Back then I hardly knew anything about magnets–never mind what was involved in taking an idea for an invention and turning it into an actual product.  Sure, I had designed stuff before, but it was always to benefit the company that I was working for at the time.

Make no mistake…
there were a lot of “dues paid” to get to the point that I’m at now.  It’s the kind of stuff that no one can teach you ahead of time.  Call it the “school of hard-knocks” or “baptism by fire”, whatever it is, having gone through it makes me appreciate—no, it makes me “proud” to have persevered through all of the ups and downs.  I owe so much to the people that have stood by me through it all–most notably my wife Chris–for letting me make marks all over her precious walls : )  Thank goodness for the magic eraser.  And to the other love of my life, “Aunty El”, I say thanks for all the encouragement over the years.

There’s so much more to this story, but for now, here’s a little behind the scenes look at when I first went into production with the original StudPoP®

November 2014 StudPoP—making it in the USA”.