People are skeptical of stud finders that make big claims.

Actually people are skeptical of ALL stud finders.

Why?  Because just about all of them SUCK.

Vacuum cleaners are supposed to suck and that’s a good thing… if you’re a vacuum cleaner.

But a vacuum cleaner isn’t a stud finder and a stud finder isn’t a vacuum cleaner.

6 years ago, I bought my last crappy stud finder.

That was when I decided to design a stud finder that actually worked. It had to be super-easy and fun to use. And it had to work on any kind of wall; wood or metal studs, tile, plaster, lath and plaster. 

Simply put:

It had to work anywhere and it had to make it really obvious when it found a stud.

No guesswork.  No false readings. No complicated directions.

The StudPoP is the only magnetic stud finder in the world that is guaranteed to work on just about any kind of construction…as long as there are screws or nails holding the wallboard to the stud.

The StudPoP is different than every other magnetic stud finder because, unlike all of the others, the StudPoP is smart enough to tell YOU when it’s found a screw or nail.

The secret is in the popper.

The popper makes all the difference.

The StudPoP’s popper makes all the difference.

Simply keep your eye on the “popper”.  It does all the work of figuring out when it’s done…

…and you don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving : )