StudPoP® magnetic stud finders

More than a feeling

Magnet vs Magnet

Magnetic stud finders

All other magnetic stud finders are nothing more than magnets covered in plastic.  Rub them over a wall and they’ll be attracted to the hidden metal fasteners by varying amounts because…

…the strength of the attraction is dependent on the distance between the fastener and the magnet.

This means that the friendliest construction type for these “stationary” magnetic stud finders is sheetrock because the screws are very, very close to the surface of the wall.  This close proximity will cause an obvious tug when the magnet is slid over the head of the screw.

So the pin point accuracy of these low tech magnetic stud finders is limited to sheetrock…

…and falls off for all other forms of construction since they involve adding a layer of plaster, tile or whatever over the metal fasteners.  This means that the head of the screw or nail is further away from the magnet, making the point of attraction weaker and less focused and thus less precise.

Less focus = less accuracy

The addition of this relatively small space, makes it very difficult to know if what you’re feeling is a real magnetic attraction or just the friction of the wall.


Contrary to popular belief, a bigger, stronger magnet will NOT help.

That’s just the way magnets work.  What is really needed is a way to notify the user at the exact spot where there is the most attraction between the magnet and the screw or nail.  And it shouldn’t matter how far away the fastener is.  In other words the indication should be…

…More than a feeling.

In 2013, the StudPoP was introduced to the world. It was the first magnetic stud finder designed to “tell” the user EXACTLY where the head of the screw or nail was, without worrying about the distance.  It accomplished this by using a balanced magnetic lever design.  This sensitive mechanism is able to respond to even the slightest magnetic pull from a screw or nail. 

The StudPoP is the only magnetic stud finder able to make the claim that it works accurately on all types of construction.

Unlike all other magnetic stud finders, the StudPoP® doesn’t depend on you to “feel” the magnet tugging on a nail or screw. 

The StudPoP’s balanced lever or “popper” takes care of that for you.

 down=no stud

When the magnetic face of the StudPoP® is not near any iron or steel, the force of gravity pulls the popper down.

 up=stud found

But as soon as a metal fastener is detected, that magnetic attraction is greater than the force of gravity and the popper is lifted and stands out straight.

popper lifts when fastener is found

Since the StudPoP’s popper is so sensitive, it will lift and notify you at the EXACT spot that it senses fasteners up to 1/2 deep!  This means plaster, sheetrock, tile and wood lath are no problem.  It even works on textured walls like stucco!

Find out why people are saying that the StudPoP is better than all the rest: electronic or magnetic.

No batteries. No guess work. No mistakes.