StudPoP® magnetic stud finders

More than a feeling

The StudPoP® “On the LEVEL” was our second product.  It hit the market in 2018.

  • Powered by two StudPoPs
  • 9″ level
  • Outperforms expensive electronics
  • Find studs 2x faster than a StudPoP
  • No batteries, no calibration
  • No false positives
  • No mistakes
  • Locates edge and center
  • Two 1″ diameter super magnets
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Strong ABS plastic

"On the LEVEL"

Two ‘PoPs on a 9″ level

other products
  • Works on all types of construction
  • Sheetrock
  • Tile over sheetrock
  • Sheetrock over sheetrock
  • Plaster
  • Wood lath
  • Paneling
  • Sheetrock ceilings
  • Wood or metal studs
  • Various bright colors

Real feedback from real people

  • I was amazed at how easily the OTL found the nails, and therefore the studs, beneath the plaster.
  • This product is something that anyone can understand how to use within minutes without instructions.
  • Doesn’t rely on batteries. It uses impressively strong magnets to find the metal fasteners that secure drywall to the studs.
  • I’ve bought stud finders before and they just don’t work. But I opened this and bam it worked! No calibration. Super easy!
  • If you have a problem wall, like thick plaster & lath, look no further than this little but powerful tool.
  • This has ended hours of painstaking trial & error and made my life so much less frustrating!
  • When you hit a nail, there’s an audible “POP”, and the little indicator stands straight up.
  • I live in a ~200 year old home. This stud finder IMMEDIATELY detected nails that hold the lath to the studs. There’s no mistaking it, no second guessing.
  • I was skeptical, but this little tool really delivers!
  • Brilliant invention, I’d recommended this gadget to any contractor, home repair DIY’er, or just hanging a painting.
  • None of my other stud finders would work but this one can find the smallest nail behind many layers of plaster.
  • I bought this specifically to find the studs in a 200+ year old home.