Don’t let the GRIP’s small size and low price fool you.  The StudPoP® GRIP is going to change the way you feel about stud finders. If you’re frustrated by your electronic stud finder…then get a GRIP!

  • Outperforms expensive electronics
  • Find studs in seconds
  • No batteries, no calibration
  • No false positives
  • No mistakes
  • Locates edge and center
  • 3/4″ diameter super magnet
  • Non-slip rubber housing
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Unbreakable


NEW for 2020

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  • Works on all types of construction
  • Sheetrock
  • Tile over sheetrock
  • Sheetrock over sheetrock
  • Plaster
  • Wood lath
  • Paneling
  • Sheetrock ceilings
  • Wood or metal studs
  • Various bright colors
  • Easy to handle
  • Fun to use
  • Caution: May be habit forming ; )
grip fronts
  • Every contractor that has been to my house has been so impressed by this thing! 
  • It’s so much better than the battery operated ones. 
  • It hits the nail right on the head, literally!
  • Slide it along and side to side and when it hits a nail it latches on! You cant miss!
  • My house is over 100 years old. Electronic stud finders are worthless on lath and plaster. They give false positives due to the thickness of the plaster, etc. But with this handy little device, I found the studs within 30 seconds of opening the package.

Real feedback from real people

  • Better than the battery operated ones.
  • Allowed me to install grab bars safely into the studs.
  • Works flawlessly through tile and backer board. 
  • I like that it both finds the stud and tells me where the nails are, so I can avoid hammering or drilling and hitting a nail.
  • I love this thing! It is very easy (and surprisingly fun) to use. I have an old house with plaster walls, and the Studpop works very well.
  • This is amazing. Found the stud on my in-laws plaster walls and found the studs on my drywall. Love love love it!
  • Works great on plaster!
  • Works EXACTLY as described. Recommend it for plaster/cement walls.
  • Works really well with plaster/lath, much better than my $50 stud finder.
  • If you have a problem wall like thick plaster and lath, look no further than this little but powerful tool.
  • Makes finding wall studs easy & avoids making extra mess & plaster damage when putting up TV bracket.
  • The “pop” mechanism is a perfect indicator instead of feeling for the pull of a magnet.
  • Way more reliable than electronic stud finders
  • The secret to the Studpop is the new generation of powerful rare-earth magnets. 
  • When it is slid along the wall it gives an immediate and unambiguous signal through both the click and the movement of the popper.
  • This super strong magnetic stud finder works and works well! Even on 1 inch thick cement type plaster, that little popper snaps straight up when it finds the stud. 
  • I only wish I would have found this thing, 3 stud finders ago- I could have saved all that wasted money.
  • With no batteries, no calibrations needed, no mistakes ever, this is the best stud finder money can buy! 
  • The magnetic field is really strong and is able to find nails buried in our thicker old cement type plaster walls.
  • This is the only stud finder you’ll ever need and what I love best about this 5 STAR stud finder is that it is made in the USA.
grip rear
  • This finds the nails with an extremely satisfying *click*. 
  • It’s ten times faster and more accurate than the electronic ones.
  • I was completely frustrated by two different stud finders with “deep scan” that didn’t work at all.  But this thing works.
  • This found the stud instantly and I just began drilling. Simple.
  • Found the stud on the first try! I am blown away by this. Way better than other stud finders.