StudPoP® magnetic stud finders

More than a feeling

Stud finders:
Common myths

In 2008, I began my journey to invent a new kind of stud finder… something that I would want to use.

My goal was to come up with something that was super easy to use and accurate. 

This obviously meant no batteries and no calibration.  But more importantly, my new “mouse trap” had to give the user an immediate, unambiguous indication as to where the stud was.  No more second guessing and false positives.

I needed to put an end to the frustration that people associated with stud finders.

Fast forward to today, I’ve sold over 150,000 StudPoPs on the internet.  95 out of 100 customers agree that StudPoP is the most accurate and easiest to use stud finder of any kind… magnetic or electronic. 

We all know that there’s a ton of misinformation on the internet about almost any subject.  Here are some of the more common misconceptions about stud finders…especially the ones that claim that magnetic stud finders are a “poor man’s” stud finder.  Read the reviews.  9 out of 10 StudPoP users say that it is way better than their electronic stud finder.